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100% Money-Back Guarantee

We take pride in creating a product that everyone will love. If the order doesn’t meet your standards for any reason, tell us, because that means we didn’t do our job! Our goal at ZYON and of all our partners is to gain a customer for life, and we’ll do whatever it takes to prove our dedication to quality and honesty.

Our process is simple. If you don’t love the product, email us at complain@zyon.is and tell us, what you don’t like at our product and what you would have expected and we’ll return your money immediately.

That’s what we, and our partners, stand for.


Hypnotic Storytelling
Hypnotic Storytelling – providing stories with hypnotic elements. Letting their clients sleep deeper, treat fears or unwanted attitudes. Helping their clients to easily implement new habits to their lives.

Agile Storytelling
Agile Storytelling – implementing agile priciples for teams by living a hero’s story. The team is acompanied by experienced agile coaches and goes through 3 Months of constant development, experiencing agile development.

At zieltraum you get help reaching your goals. With hypnosis (based on the princibles of Hypnotic Storytelling and Milton Erickson’s hypnosis) and technical devices you get your personal trance, which takes you to your limits. Zieltraum is working with binaural waves, Mindsystem Glasses, measurement of the electric resistance of the skin etc… You will get the best trance you ever experienced before.

Fanntastisch abnehmen
Fanntastisch abnehmen – loosing weight the fanntastic way. Inspiration, tipps and tricks to loose bodyweight easier you ever thought.

Fanntastisch laufen
Fanntastisch laufen – regain your personal fitness at it’s finest. With fanntastic running, you join a team of runners, from the very beginning of their career. You get tipps for your running equipment, ideas how to improve your training and running technique and experience new ways of having fun while running better and easier every day. The all new blog „Black&White“ is about running from two completely different perspectives. White runs for Running around the world. Black runs for health – and dislikes running itself. Here you can experience different methods of motivation and what they go through, wen running together.

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